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    Welcome To Shiksha                       Parivartan

In this very age of computers and technology, it has become a compulsion to know everything about it.Hence, we, at Elite Softwares Pvt. Ltd., want to extend our hand towards those people who deserve it, but do not have the resources. With little help from our side, we aim to educate such children and even the youth about the necessities of computer education today.

    Our Mission

To spread our wings far and wide and enable everyone to come and share your knowledge.

To make IT professionals out of deserving people. It is important to put them on the world map.

To keep them well-informed about all the latest Technology, so that they too can contribute to the country.

    Our Vision

To empower every person in the field of IT, so that even he can compete with the world.

We have tried to make the Education transfer as easy as possible.

The Quality is also at par with the actual IT education.

There is no compromise on Knowledge.

We will lessen the gap between what is needed and what is being given.

We will try to give as much knowledge possible to the people. Their potential will be given a chance.